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Webmail (Original)

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All Staff and Pupils in Clackmannanshire schools and associated establishments have an email account. A number of different mail clients are provided for reading email.
Users are free to choose which client they use.
You do not need to use the same one all the time.

The original Clackmannanshire webmail system can be found here.

link to webmailprec2.jpg

If you are accessing this from outside school you should click on this link

This program provides a basic email facility suitable for users of all ages.

Instructions can be downloaded from here.

horde3-small.pngHorde / IMP

The Horde email program can be found here


Horde provides email, address book, calendar, tasks, contact management

Horde is the system we recommend for experienced users. It will be actively supported for the forseeable future.

Instructions can be downloaded from here.

You can read your email using any of the programs in the list above.
Please note however that if you use the addressbook or calendar facilities, they do not transfer between programs.

At some point over the next 18 months we shall be migrating to the new national SSDN email system.

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